Tonberry Digital started as a group of digital marketers from Sydney who saw an opportunity to provide high quality leads and email campaigns out to Australian businesses and has now evolved into a leading inbound marketing agency. For those not familiar with the lead generation market, the concept is basically that survey style sites and databases provide offers out to their audience through questions or emails.

The option available through surveys is referred to as co-registration. An example co-registration questions presented to a person might take a form such as:

“Would you like to be contacted by ABC Insurance to hear about their life insurance policies?”

Those who click yes to this question then have their information provided through to ABC Insurance and ABC Insurance can call, email or direct mail that person in attempt to convert them as a customer.

The great thing for businesses is that they only pay for people who select yes and at a set rate. In the example above they might pay $12 per person who selects yes. This allows ABC Insurance to work back to a desired CPA and whether the surveys delivering these people are effective for them.
In recent years, with the increase in technology around CRM capabilities, these leads can be provided through to businesses in real-time, allowing immediate call-backs. This often leads to higher conversion rates for businesses because the topic is fresh in the prospects mind when the business calls immediately.

Despite this, we saw a lot of businesses squandering leads that were being provided through to them were being squandered through not correctly contacting and classifying leads. For example, leads that were being provided in real-time were not being contacted for several days and were therefore being missed as a hot opportunity.
As and the Harvard Business Review found, immediate response, especially in high-end B2C products (such as insurance and financial services) and B2B, is crucial in connecting and converting leads. For more info on this see: Best Practices in Lead Response Manangement

With clients not making the most of the leads we were providing them, we saw a gap in the industry in how to best manage leads from a holistic perspective, both those leads that are inbound to an organisation (through owned channels such as their website and social media properties) and outbound leads (through 3rd party sources such as surveys and affiliates) and that is why we have transformed ourselves into an inbound marketing agency that is focused on building the right assets, attracting the right audience and converting them into paying customers, regardless of where they come from.
Through implementation of best practices, smart technology and aligning internal teams, we help businesses maximise their online presence and ensure they are standing out from their competition and have become a leading Inbound marketing agency. For some tips on how to best generate leads, check out our eBook: The 30 Greatest Lead Gen Tips, Tricks and Ideas.

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