If you’re looking to increase your inbound lead generation and get more targeted traffic to your website then you’re in luck, follow these three simple steps to help you generate top of funnel prospects.

1. Go easy on the SEO

It may sound counter-intuitive, but filling your website with SEO keywords in the hopes of a better ranking in search results iasn’t going to help attract any visitors. Just as those flashing screaming ads disengage potential buyers, so too does over-saturating your content.

Take the time to work out what your visitors actually need. What are they searching for and what words are they using to find it?

Start with a handful of good, specific keywords that resonate with your audience. Optimise your page around one of them, including the keyword in the page title, URL, body, headers and meta description.

By tapping into what people already want and creating engaging content accordingly, you take the grunt work out of attracting visitors.

It’s a lot more effective to add to a conversation than to try and create an entirely new one that people might not even be interested in. This way, you’re increasing the amount of links in and around your content, which in turns bumps up your search engine ranking.

2. Content is king

Now that we’ve established that relevance and resonance are important factors in creating attractive content to boost your inbound lead generation, how do we make it so that visitors will seek it out, consume it and share it?

In the age of the 140 characters or less internet era, no one likes navigating through text-heavy chunks of information. White spaces are your friend. Don’t be afraid to use engaging infographics, videos or internet memes to enrich your content and capture attention. Studies have shown that content with an image is significantly more likely to be consumed and shared.

3. Promote smartly

Social media has radically changed the relationship between brands and their audiences. Brands aren’t just speaking to their audience, audiences are speaking back to them. With that in mind, there’s no use in sending a one-size fits promo blast across all social media channels if your audience only uses Facebook and Twitter.

By tailoring your social media posts based on what your target audience responds well to, you can increase your content’s exposure, engagement and build your industry clout.

Sharing and creating relevant industry content in addition to your own on your social profiles will help establish yourself as a trusted and reliable source and boost your inbound lead generation.