is the alignment of your sales and marketing team to create common goals and mutual accountability, which in turn increases revenue. Think about it: you want to create engaging content that generates high quality leads, which are then passed onto your sales team who funnel these leads down the consumer buying journey towards a conversion and close. So wouldn’t it make sense to work together and create content that ultimately drives sales too? Now we’re talking Smarketing.


Smarketing Guide


Here are 9 ways to leverage your smarketing team in order to create better lead generating content.

1. Blogposts

We know it’s important to have a blog and that it’s even more important to tailor that blog to your target audience. What better way to do that than to ask the sales team about the type of questions they get asked by the target audience. This gives you unique insight into what your target is searching for and the type of words they’re using to find it, helping you create more relevant content that speaks directly to your target reader.

2. Case Studies

Case studies are a great way of providing tangible evidence of the type of services or goods you’re offering. Instead of simply having it on your website, let your sales team know that they can refer to the case studies and share them with prospects for a more convincing pitch.

3. Sales Scripts

You want your sales team to be well prepared, but not so prepared they sound like they’re reading their pitch line-by-line off a piece of paper. Think of a sales script less as a script and more as a general talking points document. Try to keep it detailed but in dot point form to prevent line memorisation.

4. Product Sheets

A product sheet contains all the key information about the brand and product on a single document. It answers questions like:

  • Who is the product for?
  • What does it do/how does it work?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the intangible products on offer? (Value? Service? Dedication?)

Having this information summarised and readily available will better prepare the sales team and help marketing create content embedded with the brand’s values and services.

5. Competitor Comparisons

Updating your sales team about what is out there, what your competitors are doing and what your company is doing different will allow your team to have a better understanding of your industry and what is currently being offered. Get them to understand why your company stands out from the rest. Your team will pass on this knowledge to the consumer and your company will appear trustworthy and knowledgeable.

6. Emails Templates

The sales team should have different email templates for different emails readily available to streamline the sales process. Ideally, emails like follow-up emails, thank-you emails and outreach emails should have its own template. Go further and create email templates for every type of customer or prospect interaction to create a more personalized experience for the receiver.

7. One-pagers

This is a fast and easy way for prospects to quickly view what products the company provides and whether or not they can provide solutions to solve particular problems.

8. Presentations

Customer slide decks provide another platform to share professional content via presentations. These are embedded into websites and blogs, and are easily sharable across all social media platforms. Both the marketing and sales team should come to together to work on an effective customer slide deck that will be engaging and punchy while also sales oriented.

9. Social Messages

It’s important for your sales team to interact with prospects on social media. Suggest Facebook pages, tweets and LinkindIn links. Share content on social media and LinkedIn. This makes it easy to access the latest updates for your team.


Implementing these 9 types of content into your Inbound Campaigns will greatly help you leverage your smarketing and increase leads through your campaigns and ultimately achieve your smarketing and Inbound goals.

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